Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beyond Words

Three months after the end of the poem world per month we are into complex phrases. Some recent favorites:

"No too-loud-cooking, Mommy!": The warning uttered each night for the last two weeks when I go to cook dinner. Translates as "please don't set off the smoke alarm again!" (I mean, the "good cook" alarm).

Tonight: "I a baby polar bear. I eat strawberries. RROOOOOAAAAAAR!". Scared?

Last week in the hammock at dusk: "I hear cadas (cicadas). CHOMP! I EAT cadas. I eat cadas in my mouth"

A few weeks ago, looking at an old christmas picture with Annie next to a Mule ("Mule-tide greetings"). "CHOMP. No eat Annie, horse!"